Believe it or not .. major religious leadership in Egypt, says the Koran does not forbid adultery

Raised Mufti Dr. Ali Gomaa, the former Mufti of Egypt, the case of controversy during his lecture, held an exhibition Cairo International said: "The Koran does not exist by any express deprive" adultery

Juma said, "but says" the Almighty ": Do not come near adultery that was obscene and an evil way", he said and did not say do not come near haram.

This is a continuation of a series controversy created by Sheikh 'Ali Gomaa, "because of the recent fatwas
And called opponents of the ruling regime in Egypt, "on Friday" is the title of Mufti of the military, where it has a well-known opinions in favor of the current Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, as well as former President Hosni Mubarak

جرائم وفضائح.